So you don't take your shoes off when you come home...?  You say you only vacuum once or twice a month? 

Depending on the size of a room and amount of foot traffic;  several pounds of soil and dust can accumulate in a carpet in just a year or less...! 

Then there is the issue with dust mites.  Now here is a scary thought... as many as 2,000 dust mites can live on just one ounce of carpet dust. Dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments.  They also "eat" dead skin cells while living in your carpet. The residue ...dust mite "poop" for lack of a better word.....that mites leave behind, can mix with dust and become airborne, which may cause allergies, a runny nose, further affecting your home.

 For the average home, having carpets professionally cleaned once every six to 12 months should be sufficient.

Just remember that higher traffic areas or homes with pets may need more frequent cleaning...

Couple that with the fact that the average person sheds an amazing 1.5 million skin flakes in just one hour....maybe it is time to get your carpets cleaned...! 

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Woofie”….Mans best friend…!

DID YOU KNOW that man’s best friend can actually become your worst nightmare?

That’s right. He’s cuddly, cute and you love him, but sometimes he has a problem with “accidents” and pretty soon, you start to notice, what I call the…well,  ummm..."DOGGIE ODOR"

Besides the obvious occasional accident from Woofie, his hair can also be an issue. Once he shakes a bit off, it goes into the carpet and furniture...!  Big issue, especially if Woofie's hair does not match your decor...!!

Then you have the issue of “I want in. I want out. I want in.” You know  what I mean… Woofie is always on the move and the constant going outside and  back in..... brings in all of that Florida Sand...!

What can you do about all this?

  1. Clean messes up quickly. Once you discover an “accident,” it’s important to grab a few paper towels and blot up the mess before it sinks down into the padding of the carpet. A good enzyme deodorizer like you might get from the vet helps with lingering odors, but of course it’s best to have a professional carpet cleaner come over to handle these odor challenges.   Carpet powders may sound like a great idea, but after the first perfume smell leaves, this powder actually holds on to the offensive odor  (even baking soda)....no matter how great your vacuum cleaner, powders almost always are not totally removed and set up a repeating cycle that isn't good for your carpet and actually makes a bad problem worse.
  2. A "hairy" situation can be tamed by brushing your dog often. Loose hair that’s about to go into the carpet and furniture needbe vacuumed as soon as possible or at least on a regular schedule....Loose hair can be easily be pulled from Woofie with a good grooming brush. And guess what? He probably likes the attention....!
  3. While you may not have the time to wipeWoofie's wet, muddy paws each and every time he wants back inside, it is a good idea to place mats inside and outside the door. When Woofie wants back inside, let him beg a little bit on the outside mat, because some of that dirt is definitely going to come off.....!

Do all of this and man’s best friend is going to be a dream to live with, not a nightmare...

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pet hair from truck filter june 2015These photos are from a "3 Dog" home.....As professional carpet cleaners, we see this often when we clean with our high heat, high powered truck mount cleaning system.  We come prepared to do the best possible carpet cleaning job.....We usually vacuum before we clean, but this particular home was vacuumed twice by two of our technicians, using two different hepa vacuum cleaners before we started cleaning and even though pet hair wasn't visible, the pet hair and debris seen here was trapped in our filter system within our truck mount cleaning system.....we remove the debris from your home and dispose of it properly...homeowners, take note...Some cleaning companies will come to your home in a pickup truck or SUV and proceed to clean your carpets using a small portable cleaning machine (similar to the ones you rent at the grocery stores--they are called "portables")....using your hot water (and when your hot water tank runs out of hot water, they are then cleaning with cold water!)....(and some cleaners do not even bring a vacuum cleaner with them in their arsenal of tools to clean your carpets)....but it gets worse....after cleaning a room, they then have to empty out their protable cleaning machine....dumping what you see in the photo...all the sand, pethair, trash into your commode, your sink basin, or your bathtub...Yuck! I have even had people tell me that the carpet cleaner "stopped up my bath tub" and we did not realize it until we started to use the bath tub later in the day!!! By that time, the cleaners in question were long gone, check cashed, and phone calls not returned..So if you want your carpets cleaned with the best equipment and best practices and BEST technicians, give All Pro Carpet Cleaners a call.....386 774 7441 in Volusia or 407 833 8888 in Seminole or Orange Counties        www.allprocarpetcleaners.com  see video on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/allprocarpetcleanersflorida and LIKE us!

Preventing Pet Territory Marking.... A trick that seems to be extremely helpful...... in order to prevent your pet from marking its territory on your carpet or area rug, the pet has to lose interest in doing so. Using a non toxic, organic spice such as white pepper or black pepper seems to be very helpful because pets dislike the smell. If you sprinkle some on their favorite area, it will assist with preventing the pet from wanting to mark its territory. Of course applying this trick doesn't help if the carpet-rug isn't thoroughly cleaned. It is strongly suggested to have your carpet-area rug cleaned first then apply this trick. Sprinkle the pepper lightly onto their favorite area for about a month or so and your pet will eventually lose interest in trying to mark their territory so long as he/she is not a stubborn pet. If the carpet-rug is light colored it is best to use white pepper and if the it is dark colored use black pepper....call All Pro Carpet Cleaners cat did it

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