sean-stephenson-bill-connie1Am reading a great book Get Off Your “But” by Sean Stephenson.   A 32 year old with a fragile bone disease leaving him 3 feet tall, confined to a wheelchair, and with 200 broken bones by the age of 18, Sean faces life with optimism and enthusiasm. Connie and I had the privilege of hearing him speak at a carpet cleaning conference in late 2009 (the carpet cleaning biz may be a dirty business, but it is a great vehicle to meet and be exposed to many fantastic people!)

After a setback at age 9, his mother asked him the question that he says changed his life, “Is this going to be a gift or a burden?”  Today Sean has written 4 books,  is a board-certified psychotherapist, and is sought after as a public speaker who has inspired millions to choose whether every moment is a gift or a burden.

Encourage all to read this super book!  Inspiring me to get off my “but” and do my best!

Find out about Sean

The  real answer is, all of them..

Don’t buy into the “our method is best” advertising you’ll find all over the Internet and Yellow Pages.

Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are four basic methods for cleaning carpet:

* Carpet Shampooing
* Dry Powder Method
* Bonnet Cleaning
* “Hot Water Extraction/Steam

Carpet Shampoo Method

The theory in the shampoo method is to generate a lot of foam in the carpet, allow this foam to dry, have the resulting residue attract the soil, and vacuum up the residue and soil the next day.

Because of historical past resoiling problems, carpet shampoos will frequently also have an anti-resoiling additive such as a resin or polymer to reduce this resoiling tendency.Today’s carpet Shampoos (often called Encapsulation Solutions) offer terrific results with no resoiling what so ever if done correctly.

Three primary types of machines are used for this process:

* Cylindrical Foam
* Dual Cylindrical Brush
* Rotary Shampoo

The Cylindrical Foam Shampoo machine uses an air compressor to create dry foam before the foam is applied to the carpet and the carpet is then agitated with a revolving cylindrical brush which combs the foam through carpet pile. This method will leave dirt trapped in the carpet pile. Carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed before and after cleaning.

The Dual Cylindrical Brush machine usually has an onboard shampoo tank that disperses the cleaning agent across the carpet as the brushes work it into the pile. Embedded debris is usually “dug” out of the carpet at the same time. Post vacuuming is a must. Matted or distorted pile can be rejuvenated with this method.

The Rotary Shampoo method uses an ordinary rotary floor machine (the same kind used for stripping wax), sprays shampoo onto the carpet from a dispensing tank, and a rotary brush whips the detergent to a foam. Post vacuuming is needed as well to remove dried shampoo and soil.

Dry Powder Method

In this method, dry absorbent compound (containing small amounts of water, detergent, and solvent,) is sprinkled over carpet or worked into the carpet with a machine. This purpose of this cleaner is to attract and absorb soil. Mechanical agitation from a brush works the cleaner through the carpet.

These products usually contain an absorbent carrier, water, detergent, and solvent. The theory is that the liquids dissolve the soil and this soil/detergent/solvent mixture is absorbed into the carrier and is then vacuumed up. They are often used with a detergent prespray in heavily soiled areas.

The absorbent cleaner most commonly is organic, but may also be polymers. The compound is supposed to absorb the dislodged soil and is then vacuumed away. Carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed before and after cleaning.

Very thorough vacuuming should be used to ensure that most of the carrier comes out of the carpet. With the extremely fine powder types, indoor air quality can be reduced. If a white powder starts appearing on shoes and cuffs of pants, too much was used and it was not thoroughly vacuumed up. A common problem is for this white powder to reappear after wet extraction cleaning.

This cleaning method has the advantage of no drying time for interim maintenance, since little water is used. This makes if a common maintenance cleaner.

Host®, Capture®, Love My Carpet®, Arm and Hammer®, and Carpet Fresh® would be included in this category.

Bonnet Method / “Carbonated Cleaning”

This method is sometimes called “dry cleaning”, which is a misnomer, since water is used.

Bonnet Shampooing is simply an adaptation of hard floor spray buffing to carpets.

This method for carpet maintenance consists of the use of a rotary or oscillating brush adapted with a stiff brush or drive block designed to drive wet, damp or dry pads. The carpet can be sprayed with the cleaning solution and/or the pads can be soaked in the cleaning solution and squeezed lightly before placing the pad under the driving brush.
Sometimes, carbonated water is used to (in theory) give better soil suspension and bring down the pH. Companies using this method frequently use “scare” tactics to convince consumers that extraction cleaning or steam cleaning will destroy the carpet.
This method is best for light use commercial glue down carpeted areas where children and bare feet will not come in contact with the carpet. Used as a interim cleaning method it can keep your business flooring looking good between more thorough Extraction cleanings.

Steam Cleaning

This method is often called “Hot Water Extraction” or “Steam Cleaning” and is the cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers recommend.

This is the only cleaning method classified as “deep cleaning”. All the others are considered “light surface cleaning” because they are incapable of removing soil deep in the pile. Also, all other methods leave large amounts of cleaning agent in the carpet after cleaning.

The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends this method, because its own research indicates that it provides the best capability for cleaning.

This method is frequently called “steam” cleaning due to the fine spray of water used to force dirt out of the carpet which is sucked up by the vacuum slot immediately in front of the spray. Seldom is real live steam used, however. This process consists of spraying a solution of water and detergent into the carpet pile and recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a holding tank. This can be done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and floor tool brought inside, or by a portable, system brought into the home or office.

From a health standpoint, the truck-mounted system is preferred because the dirty air and humidity are exhausted outside rather than recirculated around the house. Additionally, truck-mounted systems usually are more powerful than portable units and do a much better cleaning job and get the carpet dry more quickly.

With some truck-mounted systems (called PTO’s), the vehicle itself must run in neutral during the cleaning and in many others a separate engine (sometimes with a propane or oil-fired heater) is used to power the unit and heat the water.
Depending upon the equipment, temperatures may range from cold tap water to boiling hot water and even super heated water over 240 degrees F.
General Comments

The choice of the proper cleaning system is extremely important. Some systems leave residues which promote re-soiling and defeat the whole purpose of cleaning. Some methods actually damage the carpet fibers and shorten the life of the carpet. Check with the carpet manufacturer for recommendations.

Carpet Cleaning Frequency:

If carpet is cleaned before it becomes too unsightly, the cleaning chore will be easier and more successful. Allowing the carpet to become overly soiled may result in irreversible damage. It is a common myth that cleaning the carpet before it is absolutely necessary will cause it to get dirty faster. This goes back to the days when the shampoo methods were the most common.

Carpet in a typical household should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending upon the number of residents, amount and type of activity, and whether the carpet is light or dark color.
Professional Carpet Cleaning versus “Do-It-Yourself” Cleaning:

The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends professional carpet cleaning over “Do-It-Yourself” because of the potential problems that can occur from using rental equipment – such as yellowing, overwetting, fiber tip damage, severe resoiling, overuse of detergents, etc.
Most rental units available do not adequately clean and may actually damage the carpet.

Make sure to hire a cleaning company that offers all of these methods. In some cases it takes a combination of two or more methods to achieve the best results. The best “Multi Method Cleaners” in Volusia, Seminole, Lake, and Orange counties is, you guessed it…….All Pro Carpet Cleaners.  Deland, Deltona, Debary, Orange City, Lake Helen, Deleon Springs call 386 774 7441 and Sanford, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Winter Springs, Longwood call 407 833 8888.

Life Happens Think Smart…

Smartstrand made with Dupont Sorona polymer represents a breakthrough in fiber technology.Dupont’s propietary sorona polymer has engineered stain protection that will never wash off or wear off. The fiber’s outstanding resiliency and durability make it a natural choice for busy households.When life happens, think smart. Think Smartstrand.
Well that’s what the marketing professionals have to say anyway…….

Dim lights

All Pro Carpet Cleaners, on the other hand are the Cleaning Professionals and we are constantly asked for recommendations on what carpet types work best. Up until now we have always recommended Solution Dyed Nylon as the best all around carpet for most home owners. It holds up well and cleans up great! There have been other fibers out there that have lasted for years, but they have not cleaned up well or looked good for those same years!

Not a week goes by that we are not in a flooring store and many of the finest Carpet retailers in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange counties have been very impressed with this new form of Polyester called Smartstrand. We have friends who have installed it in a day care setting to try it out in possibly a tougher setting than Ricky’s!

Dim lights

We’re watching Smartstrand to see how it does…..Stay tuned!

The blog entries here at All Pro Carpet Cleaners are not always about carpet cleaning Lake Mary Florida or Carpet cleaning Heathrow, Florida …..but the entries here hopefully reflect the good side of human nature that we all want or should strive for in everyday life.

Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”. This is true…good or bad.

Why don’t we all as human beings strive to exhibit what I call “Random acts of kindness.”

For example…..

Let the lady in the merge lane on the highway enter the highway without crowding her…..

Let the little lady trying to get across the street in front of the post Office or the lady pushing her grocery cart out of Publix ….give her some time to navigate the side walk and cross in front of your car…..

Pick up your neighbor’s garbage can or lid that has blown out into the street and put it back into their yard….

Don’t use your cell phone while you are in line at the fast food store……

Send some money to your favorite charity or the Salvation Army…….you never know who you are going to help… could be your neighbor or even a relative in need.

I’m going to try to do this……

Bill Martin

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