questionQ: Will carpet get dirty faster after it has been cleaned?

A: No. This is an old wives’ tale traced back to the days when carpets were cleaned by the shampoo method. The shampoo residue did cause rapid re-soiling. Today’s synthetic detergents do not leave a sticky residue behind.Our system uses a very small amount of very effective cleaning agent and recovers over 95% of all moisture. The end result is a clean carpet that will stay cleaner longer and be better able to withstand resoiling. An application of carpet  protector is also recommended after cleaning to replace the stain resistance that wears off over time with traffic and vacuuming.

Q: How long does it take for the carpet to dry after cleaning?

A: Many factors such as ventilation, air movement, humidity, type carpet, and use of deodorant powders affect drying times, most carpets dry between 2 to 6 hours.

Q.  Is All Pro Carpet Cleaners insured?

A. Absolutely!  We carry worker's compensation (this protects you in case one of our techs is hurt at your home) and general liability insurance.  Not all cleaners carry worker's comp or insurance.

Q:  What will happen if I walk on the carpet before it is dry:

A.  You will get your feet wet.  Seriously, it will not harm you or pets to walk on the finished carpet, but if your carpet has a pile (fibers stand up straight) we recommend not walking on it a lot until dry to let the fibers dry standing up straight.  We provide booties for you to use when walking in on nice clean carpet so you don't track in new soil.  Be careful stepping onto hard surface floors from damp carpet as it is SLIPPERY!

Q.  How often should  my carpets be cleaned?

A.  Usually if the carpet looks dirty, you've waited too long.  Carpet manufacturers recommend between 6 to 18 months, depending on number of people in the home, pets, children (let's face it, they bring in lots of stuff on our carpets), humidity. 

Q.  Why should I hire you instead of renting a machine and doing it myself:

A. Being ."do-it-yourself" types ourselves, we understand this question, but you will be glad you hire us instead because:    

    • You won't save all that much by the time you rent the machine, buy the chemical, take off work to clean all day, scratch your wood floors, hurt your back, and.....
    • Our truckmounted equipment is more powerful to pull out the yuck that's deep in the carpet and also to leave the carpet dryer and residue free
    • Our cleaning agents are ph balanced to protect your carpet's stainblockers and measured--we know most people think if a little is good, then more is better and then they use too much of the cleaning agent and end up leaving soapy residue that attracts dust 7 dirt
    • We take away the dirty water in our truck instead of emptying in your bathtub or toilet (sounds gross, but what are you going to do with that dirty water?  (many people have told us horror stories about backed up plumbing and septic tanks...)
    • We have 28 years of experience and know how to get rid of some spots and stains that you don't
    • We leave you a free bottle of great spotter and will come back within 30 days to reclean any spots that might come back for free
    • We will come back within the first week free to clean up anything you spill  or track onto your nice clean carpet

 (If you do rent a machine, clean it out first so you won't have anything left by the last people who rented it...we know someone with blue spots on her carpet from the dye left in the machine by the previous renter!)

Q. It took me all day to clean my carpet..why weren't you here all day?

A.  We do a lot of stuff before we get to your house and after we leave...like filling up our truck with heated, pretreated water and having all of our spotters and chemicals ready and after we leave your house and get back to our shop, we empty out the dirty water so you don't see us doing all these things.   We also usually have 2 people on the truck so we are doubly fast, sometimes both actually cleaning at one time and always helping each other---but we understand the question because we know some cleaners are in and out super fast and it's because they didn't do a good job. 

Q: How is your method different from other methods?

A: We don't use your water, but bring our own softened and heated water.   The  pressure and temperature are carefully controlled to ensure carpets and upholstery are cleaned thoroughly without wetting the pad or backing. All cleaning agents are completely safe for your family and pets. We haul away the dirty water in our specially equipped trucks, never dumping into your septic system or on your property.  We don't leave soapy residue that will attract soil.  Carpets dry within 2 to 6 hours with proper ventilation and airflow.

Q: So what makes All Pro better than the guys who charge $8.95 a room?

A: We use the latest well-maintained equipment that cost thousands of dollars; are licensed, bonded, insured (which costs money some guys don't pay); are owner-operated and locally owned which means you are doing business with “the boss”; have been doing business in the central Florida area under the same name for 28 years which means we care what you think because we live here and depend upon your referrals and repeat business; have been named Best Carpet Cleaner in West Volusia county by News Journal readers since 1995 which means other people think we do a great job; anyone you speak with on the telephone has actual cleaning experience and knows what they are talking about and we will answer the phone if you have a problem and return to reclean at no charge to you; we do not overbook and then not show up because we found a bigger job, we give you a specific time for arrival within an hour; we do not advertise extremely low prices and then arrive and pressure you into high actual costs--if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is--  Could someone spend thousands on equipment, pay good employees, buy insurance, education, gas and then come out to your house and clean 2 rooms well and collect  just $17?


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