Pet Odor Removal

Bill and his dogs       Get Rid of Pet Odors & Stains and Keep The Pets!

Pets can be stinky..but All Pro Carpet Cleaners is the pet odor specialist!    We can remove the source of the smell (usually urine) instead of covering it up.   Let's face it--nobody wants their home to smell like "wet dog" or a giant litter box---but even the most well-trained pets can have accidents such as urine, vomit, get the picture. 

Carpet Cleaning and furniture cleaning can remove odors associated with pet hair and oily coats, as well as some odors from feces, but the #1 odor problem--urine is not removed just by carpet cleaning.  

Carpet cleaning  alone may actually increase the odor for awhile!  How can that be?

Well, the odor comes from 2 sources--1 from the bacteria and 1 from the salts left when the urine dries.  When deposited, warm urine is acidic and a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that are present.    As the bacteria grow, an unpleasant odor is created.  It is much easier to remove the urine and  odor when it is fresh. Also, at this time, the urine begins to oxidize and create a color change in the carpet fibers  which is usually permanent unless removed immediately.  A small wet vac or spot removal machine is great to use if you catch the accident right then and are able to remove it all before the color change occurs, the bacteria grow, and the salts are left behind.

But, often the urine dries and the smell is not as noticeable until the humidity is high (and isn't that most of the time here in central Florida?) or until the carpet is cleaned---- Well, even if the first cause of odor (bacteria) are treated with enzymes which "eat" the bacteria, the salts and crystals left behind from the dried urine absorb the moisture from cleaning  and the ammonia smell is released even stronger.  Therefore, not only do we treat with enzymes to kill bacteria, clean fibers to remove urine residue, but also deep clean to remove all salts and crystals in carpet and under the carpet.  Just cleaning the surface fibers will not remove the odor source. 

Not sure where Fido or Fluffy may have left their gifts?  We have equipment to find these accidents so they can be treated.  And maybe you don't have pets, but sometimes the humans in the home have accidents, as well. 

                    Urine damage can be minor or more severe and depends on many factors.   

 Some factors affecting urine damage are pet diet, medications, size of pet, frequency of problem, type pet (cat urine is more difficult usually than dog), type carpet, type flooring (wood or concrete) etc. Sometimes tack strips are saturated and must be replaced.  In some cases, we can remove odor sources from padding, but in some cases, padding may need to be replaced. 

We are happy to evaluate your pet odor problem (no charge for looking at it) and tell you what needs to be done to make it go away.  If we can't help, we tell you that, too.... don't be embarassed--we've seen it all and we can help!

Perfumed powders applied to carpets can make the problem worse, as the perfume disappears the powders hold on to the urine smells and the result is even worse than it was.  Don't use these us for advice!

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